24hr in Paris

Paris is possibly one of the easiest short trips you can make from London. It is likely that over the span of a two year visa you could find yourself in Paris multiple times.

In December, I visited Paris for just under 24hours. It may seem useless to make such a short trip but it is totally worth it, especially as the train takes you right into the centre and there is no onerous airport transit time (or cost).

Having visited twice previously I knew what I really wanted to do this time: enjoy the cityscape, eat eclairs and generally meander the beautiful streets. However this time I took my little sister who was making her Paris debut so we needed to tick off major sites. Below is our itinerary, I don’t suggest you copy it as everyone wants something different from their trip. Mainly it is an insight into all the things you could achieve in just a short time frame.

Below the itinerary are our essential costs.


11:22 Depart Kings Cross for Paris.
14:47 Arrive in Paris.
15:15 Check into our cute studio Airbnb in Bastille.
Scenic wander: Hotel de Vile > Seine > Notre Dame > Louvre.
17:00 Shopping Les Halles.
18:00 Shopping at the world renowned CityPharma St Germain. Know what you want before you go in, it’s crazy in there!
19:00 Multiple specialty rum drinks at the Rhumerie.
20:00 Dinner at the authentic local  Au Pied de Fouet.
22:00 Dancing at the hipster Le Competoir General where plants and chandeliers hang from the ceiling.
Amble home.
9:00 Morning walk in the famous Le Maris neighbourhood, pastries and coffee.
10:00 Arc de Triomphe.
11:00 Eiffel Tower, approached from Trocadero metro station for the best view.
12:00 Ogling the amazing Galeries Lafayette.
12:30 Wandering the street, supermarket and boulangeries  for baguettes, cheese, jams for the train home.
13:00 Crepe near Gard du Nord train station.
14:13 Train to London.

Suggested extras:

Swap shopping at Les Halles for a walk through the boned filled Catacombs at Saint Jacques metro station.

After the Eiffel Tower, get the metro to Anvers and climb up to the beautiful Sacre Coeur.

Our essential costs (per person):

Return Eurostar Fare £52
Airbnb Studio Apartment £33
Essentials Total £85

Cost of food, drinks etc is similar to/a little less than in London.

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3 thoughts on “24hr in Paris

  1. Your blog is seriously amazing Georgie! Just reading a couple of your posts has massively inspired me. I am moving over to London in 3 weeks and I had thought maybe I would travel somewhere once a month, I think I have been seriously under-estimating just how easy and cheap it is to travel EMEA from London, so thankyou!! Keep em coming!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you like it. I’m writing it especially for people who are new to London so they can make the most of it from the beginning. It took me awhile to figure everything out. I hope it helps! Let me know if there’s anything specifically you’d like me to write about. Georgia x


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