Cheapest Ever Airport Lounge Memberships 

I have never used an airport lounge before but I always dreamed about the lux life. I had read about Priority Pass before but never bought one. Firstly, it seemed indulgent for someone who is obsessed with cheap holidays and secondly; I generally try to minimise airport transit time for short European flights.

However, I am on the cusp of returning to New Zealand. Two days of flying ahead. One flight is 17 hours 45mins alone. Need break. Need tranquillity. Need shower. Need lounge?

I ogled the Priority Pass website then scoured the internet for hacks and discounts to airport lounges. A miracle occurred, GrouponUK are currently offering 50% and 25% off various Priority Pass memberships!

Firstly, what is Priority Pass:

A priority pass is an annual membership subscription that gives you access to airport lounges all over the world (regardless of airline you are travelling with). There are three levels of membership, described below:


  • Benefit: Ability to access lounges at £15 per entry.
  • Price for annual membership: £69
  • Groupon deal 1: 50% off annual membership for £6, i.e. £34.50+£6 = £40.50
  • Groupon deal 2: 50% off annual membership for £6 plus 1 free lounge visit, i.e.  £34.50+£6 = £40.50

Standard Plus

  • Benefit: 10 free lounge visits and £15 after that.
  • Price for annual membership: £159
  • Groupon deal 3: 25% off annual membership for £6, i.e. £119+£6 = £125


  • Benefit: Unlimited free lounge visits.
  • Price for annual membership: £259
  • Groupon deal: N/A

All membership options allow you to bring a guest one for £15.

So, with multiple membership options and discounts at different rates you’ll need to suss out the best deal. This largely depends on how much you think you’ll use the pass in a year. Insert handy graph #maths4thewin #excel


So, the graph shows what is the best membership option to buy dependant on how many lounge visits you’ll use. The lines all start at different cost depending on the base membership cost, lines incline once you have to start paying an additional £15 to enter.

The results are also summarised in the table below:

Number of Visits Best Value Membership Option
1-6 Standard
6-19 Standard Plus
19+ Prestige

This is all based on buying while the Groupon deal is still available. If you’re reading this post after that deal has expired (i.e. paying the regular retail price) the following applies:

Number of Visits Best Value Membership Option
1-6 Standard
6-17 Standard Plus
17+ Prestige

With this information, I decided to buy a Standard Plus membership with the Groupon deal but as you can see all the membership options have benefits at different levels. So excited to have a shower, meal and drink when I transit through Doha on the way to New Zealand 😀

  • Groupon deal here and available till 28 Sep 2018.
  • Priority pass website.

Happy lounging.

Note: I am not affiliated with Groupon or Priority Pass and received no sponsorship from them.



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