Airbnb: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Tips

In an earlier post I gushed about how Airbnb is cheaper than hostels, hotels, basically all short-term accommodation. If you’re not familiar with Airbnb there are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it. Beginners Tips 1. Best Foot Forward Like any profile, you need to put your best…… Continue reading Airbnb: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Tips

How to Save on Travel Accommodation

I used to think that hostels were the cheapest short-term accommodation available however times are changing. From my experience I have found Airbnb to be consistently more cost effective. I’m a huge Airbnb advocate, I’ve stayed in 15+ different places in various countries. Last year Airbnb contacted me, inviting me to a sweet party in…… Continue reading How to Save on Travel Accommodation

Timing Tips for Weekend Trips

Having a weekend fling with another city is a fun way to see a new place without eating up any annual leave. I managed to have 61 days abroad for my 20 annual leave last year and much of it comes down to coordinated weekend trips. Below are my time saving basics:   1. Outgoing…… Continue reading Timing Tips for Weekend Trips